All of Mooeys products are sustainably made in the UK and we want to tell you why we think this is mega important! In 2020 We took the decision to produce our own products that we use in our own branches of Mooeys, but also for our franchise partners to use. We opened the opportunity for nationwide beauty businesses and therapists to purchase our products in 2021 purely because we didn’t think it was fair to keep such an epic range all to ourselves.

So why do we support UK-based production?
There are 5 main reasons why we buy products produced in the UK, and here they are:

1. Supporting the UK and local economy

We are building a national brand, but at heart, we are a local business. We strive to support the communities around our salons as well as provide great treatments, and of course employment for so many wonderful humans in and around our salons. Supporting the local economy is mega important to us and we want our money to be spent locally or nationally wherever possible. Take our wax for example. We have to purchase approx. 1000 kg of hot wax at any one time. This costs a lot of money and what better way to spend it, than with a UK distributor who provides some of the best wax in the world. But also, is a supplier who has the same values as us! By purchasing from UK suppliers, we not only support UK businesses but help keep our own economy flourishing.

2. Reducing our carbon footprint

All of our products are either reusable or refillable, this is to ensure we are not sending single-use plastics into landfill after use, destroying our wonderful world. We encourage our pumps to be reused, which is why we have the bamboo casing on them. Pumps cause a lot of problems when it comes to recycling as generally, people put them in the recycling bin because they are plastic. However, they also normally contain metal springs which means they cannot be recycled unless they are broken down. This doesn’t happen in a recycling center which means they just go to landfill. So, when you think you are doing the right thing, unfortunately, it doesn’t always turn out how you had hoped. By encouraging our clients and beauty professionals to reuse their pumps, we can all help with this. It’s the little baby steps that can make a huge difference in the long run after all. When we buy products for our business, we aim to find manufacturers that share our values around sustainability. By buying UK products and materials, it minimizes the requirement for items to be shipped and flown around the globe meaning there is a lower environmental impact. Aviation alone equates to 2.5% of global CO2 emissions and aviation emissions have quadrupled since 1966.

3. Quality

UK manufacturers are renowned around the world for their quality and reliability. Whilst buying from abroad may be cheaper, by investing in quality items that will last, we will all spend less money in the long run. As we move away from the throw-away culture, and more into a ‘quality culture’ the old saying “buy cheap buy twice” certainly comes to mind. This also runs true when it comes to quality control too. We can not only source the best quality products but also rely on our UK partners to source the best quality ingredients too. We have searched high and low for the best quality product manufacturing for our entire MOOSKIN and Moo Wax range, and we can be certain that our suppliers are providing us with the highest quality active ingredients (think essential oils and natural resins found within our wax), which makes our hearts happy. We can provide an even better service, with the utmost confidence in our product range, knowing exactly where they have come from. How cool is that!

4. Ethical

The UK has some of the highest standards for working environments globally. When we buy our products, we want to know and ensure that the people making them are being paid fairly and are working in a safe environment.

5. ComMOOnity

We absolutely love working with people which is why we do what we do. This is no different when we choose suppliers! We love to build good relationships with our suppliers and the people we supply to. This can be challenging when working with suppliers in different parts of the world as often there are language barriers and of course, time barriers to contend with. If there was a problem with any of our products, for example, we wouldn’t be able to get this rectified quickly and efficiently. As one of our core values is service, we do everything we can to work with suppliers who provide the same level of care and attention as we do. This makes business in general so much easier to manage.

I hope this gives you a bit of an insight into why Mooeys is passionate about supporting UK businesses and buying UK products. If we can all ‘do our bit’ we are making positive steps to help the planet and our own economy which is vital in today’s current climate.

Lots of Love

(ComMOOnications Moo)