At Mooeys Professional we believe that only professional, qualified therapists should be using our wax products, and have access to our wholesale/trade prices.

We want our products in the hands of trained professionals, this is why we have various accounts that you must sign up for, before we give you access to our gorgeous products.

When you sign up for one of our Qualified Moo, or Business Moo accounts, we request that you adhere to the below guidelines:

  1. You must upload a copy of your business insurance, or qualification certificate to your account. You can email to if you have any problems with this.
  2. You must only use our wax products if you are a qualified professional and are trained to carry out waxing services.
  3. We require you to adhere to our instructions found on the wax products. This includes testing the wax temperature before application.
  4. You must not sell our products on, or give our products to anyone who isn’t a trained professional in waxing services.
  5. You must have your own Public Liability insurance when using our product range.

When using our refill bottles, you must follow the instructions given below:

  1. Cross reference the batch number of the 5ltr container with the bottle you are refilling.
  2. If this is different, then you need to rinse out the 200ml or 1ltr bottle and pumps used to prevent any cross contamination
  3. You must then replace the batch number with the new label given to you with the 5ltr containers. This is so that you know the products are from the same Batch, with the same expiry code, and there is less risk with cross contamination
  4. Have a risk assessment within your business for the use of our refillable bottles. (We can give you an example if you require one, please email
  5. You must have your own public liability insurance when offering a refill service of any of our products to your clients.