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Let’s not beat around the bush…

What deals do you have?2020-07-22T12:00:59+01:00

We have a few combinations of courses that offer a discount when booked together. They don’t have to be booked on the same dates, but they do have to be purchased together.

Combine the Essential Master (3 days) and the Intimate Master (2 Days) and you will save £149.

Combine the Hot Wax Master (1 day) with the Intimate Master (2 days) and save £99.

You MUST book the Hot Wax Master course first as this gives you the knowledge to then go onto the Intimate Wax course.

With either of these combinations, you will then be waxing in all styles, with the best knowledge and will officially be, what we call, The Ultimate Master – go you!

What course should I book onto?2020-07-22T12:00:28+01:00

If you already hold a Beauty Therapy NVQ level 2 or equivalent qualification, or a waxing certificate (must have had hands-on practical work) then you will be able to go straight into Hot Wax Master, then Intimate Master.

If you already have waxing experience, with both Strip and Hot wax, and are comfortable using Hot Wax, then you can go straight onto the Intimate Master.

If you have no Beauty or waxing qualification or aren’t confident in waxing as you haven’t done it for a long time – Get yourself onto the Essential Master and we will go through everything you need to know.

If you are unsure, then drop us an email with the qualification that you have, and we will advise you of which course to book on.

Minimum numbers – what happens if only one person is booked on the course?2020-07-22T11:59:15+01:00

We can run the course with 2 people. If you are the only one on the course, then we will need to postpone you until the next suitable course date.

Will I be waxed myself?2020-02-11T09:58:18+00:00

You sure will! There will be no getting out of it – so, come with your big bush, hairy pits and monobrows!

Do I have to get naked?2020-05-29T14:58:31+01:00

In the Intimate wax course, yes! Your dignity will remain fully in tact at all times, but you will be having and doing intimate waxing.

In all other training, you will need to be prepared to bare some skin – how else will you learn?

What sort of images will I be seeing?2020-02-11T10:02:09+00:00

Well, that would be telling – but we want to prepare you for what you may come across whilst waxing. This includes STDs, post labour and various other health concerns that you may be lucky enough to see whilst waxing people!

Will I be ready to wax clients after the training course?2020-02-11T10:05:19+00:00

Everyone is different, but we would definitely like to think that you will be ready to wax people straight away. We want to give you the knowledge you need to be comfortable when dealing with all types of situations.

Will my certificate be accredited?2020-02-11T10:07:14+00:00

Yes, we are members of BABTAC and our courses are fully recognised and accredited. This mean you can receive your insurance based on this qualification.

Will I be able to gain CPD points?2020-02-11T10:08:24+00:00

Yes, because we are members of BABTAC, you can receive your CPD (Continued Professional Development) points.

Why is your course longer than others available in the industry?2020-02-11T10:09:12+00:00

You can do online courses and one day courses, but we want our therapists to be the best – and you can’t be the best in a short period of time! We need the allocated time to share all the information you’ll need.

What products do you use and why?2020-05-29T14:57:30+01:00

We have our own range called Moo Wax. We have strip wax and hot wax, as well as a pre and post wax care range. We have developed our own range to give the incredible results that we want to achieve. We also wanted a range of products that only have essential oils in and no artificial fragrance.

Our products have our own signature blend of essential oils that have properties that are excellent for soothing and healing the skin after waxing services. They are also suitable for sensitive areas, preggos and super sensitive types.

Can I buy the products myself?2020-05-29T15:02:05+01:00

You sure can. One you have professional account with us, you can order away.

We take care payments at the training centre and have some starter kits ready to go at a very special trade price for all who attend the Mooeys Masters training courses.

Do I get a goodie bag?2020-05-29T15:03:31+01:00

Well, that would ruin the surprise, wouldn’t it! Let’s just say, we think you’ll like them.

What if I don’t pass?2020-05-29T15:05:17+01:00

We have an assessment pass rate of 80%. If you don’t achieve this, or if we feel that your waxing skills require more work, we will invite you back to retake the areas you need to or to re-do the practical element of the course, free of charge.

However, we will only do this once, and the reason we offer this is that we don’t agree with passing therapists who aren’t ready. It’s not fair on your business, clients, or our reputation. It’s also not fair on you to go into waxing if you aren’t ready.

If you don’t pass, we will be discrete and discuss what options there are with you to help you pass in the future.

What happens if I can’t make it or need to cancel?2022-03-30T22:06:45+01:00

If you give us a shout, and at least one weeks notice, we will move you to another training date.
If you are looking to make changes when your training is less than one week away, get in touch and we will see what we can do. We will always try and help you out, as we get it – things come up.

However, if you don’t show for training then you will not get a refund or be offered to move your training.

Always get in touch and we can see what your options are.

What is the franchise opportunity all about?2020-07-22T11:59:57+01:00

We have 3 different franchise opportunities.

Franchise option 1 is a Mooeys Salon franchise.

Franchise option 2 is a Mini Mooeys franchise for therapists who want a converted garage or wooden cabin at their home.

Franchise option 3 is a Mooeys on the Moove franchise, for those who want to be a mobile beauty therapist.

For further information, please check out our website: www.mooeysfranchise.co.uk.

What is your refund and complaints policy?2020-09-24T10:30:37+01:00

We hope we give you nothing to complain about, but if you are unhappy with something, please contact masters@mooeys.co.uk and we will do everything we can to make it better for you.


As a Mooeys Master Leaner, you have the right to appeal against an assessment decision for a variety of reasons. These may be:

  1. The assessment criteria were not made clear to you
  2. You felt that the outcome was unfair
  3. The assessment was not in line with the criteria

In most cases, disputes regarding assessments should be handled directly by the assessor concerned, and the following formal appeals procedure should only be used as a last resort.

What to wear for any of our training courses2020-09-28T12:13:43+01:00

We care more about the attitude you come with than the clothes you are in. As long as you are comfortable, that’s all that matters.

Location and Parking2020-09-28T12:32:55+01:00

The training is based within Mooeys, Haslemere. The address is 68 High Street, Haslemere, Surrey, GU27 2LA.

The closest and easiest car park is the Chestnut Avenue Car Park. The Postcode is GU27 2AB. It is approx 5-7 minutes walk from Mooeys Haslemere, and good old google maps will take you there.

This car park costs £7 for 8 hours.

There is another car park called Tanners Lane, postcode is GU27 2PB, which is about a 5-7 minute walk also, and is £4.50, however there are very limited spaces here.

Both car parks take cash or Ringo payments.

Where can I stay?2021-05-06T15:41:30+01:00

Why not make a bit of a break of it?

There is something pretty awesome about having some time for yourself when you are on a training course. Hotel room, time to yourself, no fighting over what to watch on Netflix..or even cooking for that matter.

There are a few hotels in Haslemere, ranging from fancy pants to Budget. We tend to stay in Harpers which is opposite the Train station. It is pretty close and has free parking.
You can walk to Mooeys in about 10-15 minutes too, which is handy and will save you a few quid on parking.
It’s not mega fancy, but the rooms are nice and comfy, it’s not too pricey and the foods pretty lush too.


Our training centre is above the Mooeys Haslemere salon. It is an old Georgian building so unfortunately there is no lift at the property.
The toilet is on the ground floor, with a step and narrow corridor that goes down to it.

We have staff who are available to assist if you in any way we can, however the building cannot be classed as accessible unfortunately. We can only apologise for this, and are definitely looking into alternative ways that we can provide training outside of this space that we currently have. Please do get in touch if you have any further questions regarding the facilities.

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