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Professional waxing courses & products

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What is Mooeys?

Where did it all start?

Mooeys is a beauty business that specialises in nails and waxing. We have two of our own salons – one in Farnham that has been open since 2013 and one in Horsham which opened in 2016. We also have franchise salons, with further franchise opportunities available.

Amy Lewis created this business specialising in just two areas of the industry to become complete masters of these treatments, whilst encouraging her staff to do exactly the same. The salons were a bit of an experiment to see if the demand for a specialist style salon was out there – which it definitely was!

The two salons proved extremely popular, so she then created her own wax line to offer a product that was the best she could find, at an affordable price and which also gave the level of results she would expect as a therapist and business owner. This is where Moo Wax was created.

Because of the success of the two salons, Amy then went on to set up the franchise model of the business, selling her first franchise in 2019 which has also proven to be really successful.

Amy is a qualified therapist and learned how to do intimate waxing with hot wax in Australia, where she realised the knowledge and standard of training in the UK isn’t always very in depth. After years of experience in the Mooeys salons, she decided it was time to support other therapists to become absolute masters too, which is how Mooeys Professional all started.

Our Core Values?

What is Mooeys Professional all about?

Time to create our own herd! Creating a community of like-minded therapists is everything to us. The Mooeys Masters training is all about knowledge and delivering above and beyond what you would learn in a standard college course.

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Everything you need to know about carrying out intimate waxing services on pregnant clients.


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The comprehensive guide to fertility treatment for the service industry. Connect to your clients on a deeper level.


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Training Programmes

Mooeys Masters have 4 x wax training courses, and a Business programme.
Depending on your experience and qualifications, you could do just one or a few of them, plus the Business Master training too!

The Absolute Master

The advanced training course for experienced waxers!

A 1-day course is for the experienced waxer who wants to be the absolute best in their area. Learn about Pregnancy waxing, Sexual Health, Fertility Treatment and so much more.

A meeting of minds! A day spent with incredible humans who are just as passionate as you are.


The Absolute Master

The Intimate Master

The Intimate wax course for qualified therapists

2-day intense course not for the faint-hearted or squeamish type!

You will only be accepted on this course if you have experience with Hot waxing. If you don’t, check out the Hot wax master course.

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The Intimate Master

(Only £150 if combined with the Essential Master)

The Hot Wax Master

The Hot Wax conversion course for qualified therapists

A 1-day course is for anyone who wishes to be a better waxer in general. Covering everything you need to know about hygiene, contraindications, skin types & more!

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The Hot Wax Master

(Only £99 if combined with the Intimate Master)

The Essential Master

The Strip & Hot waxing course for complete beginners

This 3-day course is for the absolute beginner, No qualifications are necessary!

We will be covering everything you need to know to do a cracking wax treatment.

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The Essential Master

I truly believe that women should support each other, in any which way we can. I love the ‘herd’ that you can create in a salon environment, where everyone enjoys their time with us – whether they are a client or a therapist within the business. I am also extremely passionate about my therapists knowing how to take great care of their clients. This can be from a sexual health perspective, pre and post-natal care for mums or knowing how to spot the signs of domestic abuse (and how to offer support if it is needed).

I really want my team to make women feel comfortable within the Mooeys salons, and I believe that this can be replicated in others too. This is where the Mooeys Masters training programme really originated from. I want therapists to have the confidence to deliver an intimate wax, or use hot wax in general, and understand everything about women’s anatomy and how to take care of them. Not just how to apply wax and remove it again.

The concept of women supporting women is at the heart of everything we do, and I want to give therapists the tools to be incredible – be better than their competition, knowledgeable and compassionate. The Mooeys Masters training programme will give them the confidence to be this therapist.

Amy Lewis, Owner & Founder

Environmental Moo

Products and packaging

We really care about the environment and do what we can to “do our bit”. We use aluminium bottles because they look cool and are really easily recycled. We could have used recycled plastic, but it doesn’t look anywhere near as nice!

Our bit for the environment

Amy, the owner of Mooeys, has always wanted a signature blend of essential oils. She wanted something as natural as possible – which is a very unique concept within the waxing world. Take a look at what she’s created… it’s used in all of the pre and post-wax products.

Moo Essential blend
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