Now we think our pregnancy waxing training is pretty epic, but don’t just take our word for it! See what Emma says about it here:

“Having been a qualified midwife for 18 years I have a love for learning and gaining new skills.  I’ve attended many courses and training sessions throughout my career, and now in my new venture I want to have the same passion to provide the best service and up to date knowledge to keep my clients safe, and my reputation intact.

The Mooeys Pregnancy and Fertility Masters Modules were perfect for me in my sphere of practice and desire to combine waxing and midwifery. I would recommend them to any therapist wishing to enhance their knowledge and specialism to put their clients needs first.

Amy’s presentation skills are great, she is so enthusiastic and relaxed in her teaching that it makes each section interesting and easy listening.

The timings of each section are visible and not too long. As the course is split into smaller modules it means you can break off as required and easily pick up where you left off later.

Even with my clinical background I have learnt how to apply my existing knowledge to my waxing skills, which ensures I am practicing safely and in the best interests of my clients, and also to protect me as both a health professional and a therapist.

I think the modules are a fabulous addition to enhance awareness of specific conditions and issues that we may come across, and to ensure we also respect the emotional wellbeing of our clients throughout their fertility, pregnancy and new mummy journeys.     The practical videos are fantastic, particularly in that it’s not just a straight-forward easy treatment shown, but how to tackle a more difficult situation practically and calmly.

Amy is always on hand for support and is super motivating and inspiring.

Don’t hesitate to sign up and I wish you all the best!!”

Emma Allott

How lovely is that!

Did you know that our Pregnancy Waxing Module was written for us by a Midwife and Breastfeeding expert? Also, our Sexual Health module was written by a Nurse and our course was created with the help of a Head Teacher!

I really didn’t want to just make this information up myself, even if I do have over 20 years experience in the waxing world. I wanted to make sure that the information we offered to our beloved industry, was medically factual as-well as interesting and fully inclusive. So I called in all the experts I needed, which really does make our training completely different to any other waxing courses.

So if you fancy developing your skills and learning about pregnancy waxing, you can do our online module alone for £69 HERE.

If you really want to level up – all of this theory, plus sexual health, contraindications refresher, consultations and tonnes more, can be found HERE for just £99

Or, you could book to attend any of our awesome, kick-arse intimate waxing training courses. You then get access to the online training, plus a full day hands on practical with one of our super skilled trainers for £299. Check them out HERE.

As always, if you need anything – drop into our Facebook group and ask away.
It’s small but mighty, and there are plenty of waxing specialists in there to help, including me of course.