Hey there, friends and colleagues,

I’m buzzing with excitement today because I’ve got something really close to my heart to share with you. It’s the tale of how a little spark of curiosity and a big dash of determination led us to create something phenomenal: The Comprehensive Guide To Gel Nail Care Excellence.
So, settle in and let me take you through our journey of innovation, fuelled by a passion for unparalleled nail care.

The “Aha” Moment

Our adventure began with a realisation that shook us to our core – the nail care industry was missing something crucial. As someone deeply entrenched in the world of beauty and nail care, running 6 bustling salons with a team of over 55 dedicated nail therapists, I’ve always been on a mission to elevate our services. But we hit a wall. Despite our team delivering a whopping 26,423 gel nail services last year alone, we felt a gap in our armour: a comprehensive, client-focused nail care education that went beyond just the basics.

Why We Stirred the Pot

Picture this: you’re passionate about delivering stellar nail care, but when complex conditions or intricate client queries arise, you’re left feeling a tad out of your depth. That was us – and it was far from ideal. The existing training programmes just didn’t cut it. They were either too academic, brand-specific, or missed the client-centered approach we hold dear. That’s when we decided it was time to shake things up and craft our own solution.

Introducing Our Groundbreaking Nail Training Programme

After much brainstorming, several late nights, and more coffee than I care to admit, we birthed our brainchild: The Comprehensive Guide To Gel Nail Care Excellence. This wasn’t just another course; it was a revolution designed to empower nail professionals with the knowledge and confidence to tackle any nail care challenge head-on.

Our aim was clear: to demystify the complexities surrounding nail conditions like allergies and infections and to replace fear with facts. This programme is our battle cry against uncertainty, arming professionals with the insights needed to excel in their craft.

Our Credibility? Just Look at the Numbers

Now, you might be wondering, “Why us?” Well, our track record speaks volumes. With over 26,423 gel nail services provided in just the last year and a thriving (and growing) network of 6 salons, we’re not just participants in the nail care industry; we’re leaders, innovators, and educators. Our experience has given us a front-row seat to the challenges and opportunities in nail care, driving us to create a programme that addresses the industry’s real needs.

Let’s Elevate Nail Care Together

So, to every nail care enthusiast, salon owner, and independent professional out there, this is our invitation to you. Join us in this educational journey to transform how we approach nail care. With our Groundbreaking Nail Training Programme, we’re not just enhancing skills; we’re setting new industry standards.

I’m thrilled for you to be part of this change. Together, let’s empower ourselves with knowledge and elevate the nail care industry, one expertly treated nail at a time.

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We have been running a trial of this training to gain feedback from our fellow industry experts, and here’s what they have to say:

Hello 👋🏼

Absolutely loved your nail knowledge course 🧡 there is so much conflicting advice from brands. I’m part of some of those groups that are against the gel bottle and other brands, you are totally right, very toxic! One of the reasons I didn’t invest in the gel bottle in my own salon, even though their colours are utterly gorgeous. All the bad press and not enough information/education. I have known clients to have these conditions/reactions and therapists not know what do to or what to tell their clients. Another super duper course, very informative. Smashed it out the box Amy xx

Meg Straw, Just Peachy Waxing and Nails Salon

And another…

I’ve finished the training and I’m so so impressed. I’ve done a lot of training, and lots in the last couple of years, and yours is so much more informative in terms of the gel evolution (I’ve never seen that before and found it so interesting), or the information you give on the common nail allergies, causes etc. The KB e-file training I’ve just done does go into nail allergies, she lists quite a few different condition, a few details on how to spot and what you should do. She also goes into a lot of detail about hygiene, although she insists that nail files are single use only and should never be sprayed and reused. I’ve not seen any training go into as much detail about greenies, fungal infection or onycholysis (which I also called onycolyosis, maybe they changed the name!). I think this is the information that we need to have, as it’s talked about so much and there is so much controversy surrounding it, so I really feel like this will help a lot of nail professionals, and especially new nail techs, as there is a lot conflicting information out there.
I found it really useful, I’ve definitely learned a few new things, and there are changes I will make for myself. Thank you for letting me do this training, I really enjoyed it. You’re very easy to listen to, I was engaged the whole way through, your explanations are so clear and easy to follow.

Charlene Carpenter, Calm Beauty