Well hello you! It’s been a while since I wrote a blog and I have to admit – I have missed it!

There’s something really therapeutic about getting your thoughts out there to the big wide world and not knowing who is reading it or interested in what you have to say. It’s actually quite cathartic, and if you don’t blog in your own business – give it a go!

Anyway I am here to talk all things accreditation as we have always been accredited by BABTAC and this will be changing completely from the new year because BABTAC have changed their rules of what sort of courses they accredit.
From January they won’t accredit our Essential Master Training course which is an introduction to waxing, and they will only certify therapists who have done their NVQ level 2 or equivalent when it comes to our intimate waxing course.

From a business perspective this has been mega frustrating as our Essential Master course is really popular for those who don’t want to go to college to learn a whole level 2 in Beauty, don’t have the money to be out of work to do this, or can’t actually take the time due to personal commitments. We have also found that our course is super popular with people who are looking for a career change, or those who have done a nail certificate/qualification and wish to add to their existing skill sets. So, not being able to offer this course at all really isn’t an option.

I wrote all of our training courses and partnered with experts such as a Midwife, a Nurse and a Head teacher, as I wanted to have the correct information in the best format for all learning labilities. I know that our course has an immense amount of theory, along with 2 full days of hands-on practical in both and hot and strip waxing, with trainers who really give a damn about our students’ success. So to be told it’s not good enough as it isn’t a qualification really didn’t sit well with me as you can imagine.

We needed to find an alternative option so that those who can’t go to college for whatever reason, can still get access to incredible knowledge and standards. We know that there are loads of absolutely crap training courses out there, with very little theory and online practical (don’t get me started on this as you cannot learn how to wax via a screen or webinar) but our course seems to be tarnished with the same brush because industry bodies want everyone to obtain qualifications.

Now, I recruit therapists on a daily basis across our salons, and I cannot remember the last time we interviewed a therapist who was actually confident in waxing straight out of college, and the lack of knowledge when it comes to hot waxing in college leavers really is scary too. I really want to help change this!

If you went to college, did you feel confident when you came out? Did you know how to use hot wax?
Is having an NVQ 2 or equivalent the answer to the lack of standards in our industry?
Or is that a lot of training (especially with waxing) is from the dark ages still?….I will leave that to you to decide.

Now, I agree that we need to standardise the industry…it needs to get better when it comes to crappy short courses. However is that by removing the companies who provide the training that therapists really need when they are either working for themselves or working within a salon? I will get off my soap box now, but there is a lot to consider when providing training. However, you, as the student really need this information so that you can make informed decisions too.

What is the difference between a certificate and a qualification?

A qualification is the likes of your NVQ, City and Guilds or equivalent Level 2 and 3 etc.  A certificate is a short course which is accredited by an insurer. Although it’s not an actual qualification, you can still be insured providing your accreditation is reputable and thorough enough for the insurers to be happy that you can offer that treatment under their insurance.

Fundamentally, all accreditation is insurance. So companies such as BABTAC is a membership provider and insurer, who can offer accreditation also. You become a member with them, you train with one of their approved training providers, and then you get insured with them. The same goes for Professional Beauty, ABT, The Beauty Guild, and some other training accreditors.
Whenever you choose to carry out training, you need to make sure it is accredited with one of these companies, as the majority of insurers within the beauty industry will then cover you when it comes to carrying out those services on the general public.

Since launching Mooeys Masters I have learned lots when it comes to training providers and insurers, both good and bad. However, from having my own salons – I also understand the challenges we face in the industry from an employer and therapists perspective too.

Although BABTAC’s decision to not accredit our Introduction To Waxing course has been frustrating, I also understand and respect their decision, even if I don’t agree with it.

Why don’t I agree with it?

I truly believe that short courses have a place in our industry, and that there are some training providers like Mooeys, who deliver exceptional training which can be far superior than the content being taught in some colleges – perfect for those who wish to specialise in particular areas of the beauty industry such as waxing. The problem that’s letting us down is the absolute cowboys who are out to make a quick buck and teach rubbish courses with hardly any theory and still think it can all be done remotely.

The people who I really feel for in these scenarios are the therapists who think they are qualified and don’t find out that they aren’t until it’s too late. When they are being sued by a client, but then being told by their insurers that their certificate isn’t actually valid, even though they have taken your money for years!

Do your own due diligence
  1. If your certificate was an online certificate only, chances are you are not covered to carry out treatments I’m afraid.
  2. Check with your insurers and get it in writing that you are covered with the certificate/qualification that you have.
  3. If your certificate has a logo on it such as BABTAC, you can always contact them to check that it’s legit, or check that the training establishment has in fact partnered with them.
  4. Be careful of shoddy certificates before sending them to your insurers. Some companies could have stuck a logo on their certificate for all you know, and you would only find out when it’s too late and that insurance claim goes through. The insurers would then check your certificate and tell you they aren’t from a legit training provider – aaarrrggghh!
  5. If you have an NVQ2 or equivalent then any additional courses can be certificates and you will be covered within your NVQ qualification. However any advance training such as Intimate waxing must be with a legit trainer, otherwise you may not be covered by your insurer – again, always check with your insurer first.
  6. It is your responsibility to check your own certificate/qualification. An insurer isn’t always going to check the legitimacy of your certificate, but it will say in the small print that your insurance will be null and void if it isn’t legit.
  7. Be realistic about it – if the course cost you £25 then it’s probably not going to be insurable.
  8. When it comes to training courses, always choose quality over bargain training as you are more than likely going to have a legit company providing your course. Setting up a training school is not cheap, and you need to make sure your money isn’t going to those cowboys!

We have now partnered with ABT who are accreditors and beauty insurers. This means that by doing one of our waxing courses, you will be fully certified and can in fact choose any of the main insurers as we have checked that they all cover ABT accredited courses.

ABT have a very rigorous accreditation process, and I feel really happy with our decision to partner with them. I feel comfortable that our students are going to be covered too which is almost as important as knowing that our training is the best available in the industry (Which it totally is btw!)
I am sad to move away from BABTAC, however you have to follow what you believe.
I believe that the industry will change, we will evolve, and insurers will get stricter – they have to due to the amount of waxing claims taking place nowadays. However, are these waxing claims for things like ‘grazing’ happening because of short courses, or because therapists are still using techniques they learned decades ago such as strip waxing on the face (absolute no-no in the world of Mooeys and you will learn why)?

I personally believe that if we insist on refresher training like in other industries, and only insure therapists to use hot wax on the face – we can in fact all reduce the number of claims, as well as protect our businesses, brands and clients.

If you are looking to move over to using Hot Wax only, but need to refresh your skills and knowledge – check out our Hot Wax Master – It really is ace, and if you want to learn how to wax – then our Essential Master is the best course available. Or maybe you want to learn how to carry out Intimate Waxing and want to train with the best?

I know our courses are the best because I created them based on what I would want our staff to know if they were to apply for a job in Mooeys. Oh, and I’m a stickler for information which is why we include Sexual Health and Pregnancy knowledge as standard in our Intimate waxing for instance.

I want you to be successful, I want you to be a great waxer, and I want you to feel confident to get cracking with waxing when you leave our trainers. So partnering with a great accreditor was really important as I need to know you are in safe hands!

What are your thoughts?

Do you feel that the industry needs to go towards fully qualified only?

Do you feel that short courses have a place and there should be more restrictions around them?

I hope this gives you a bit of insight into certificates vs. qualifications, and helps you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the course that’s right for you. As always, we are here for a chat or if you have any questions.

Lots of Love

Amy x