Welcome to our Spotlight series, where we showcase our incredible Herd of impeccable trainers and what makes them the best in the business when it comes to waxing training.

Get ready to be dazzled by the story of Jo Weller, the original guru of Mooeys Professional trainers. Jo isn’t just a trainer; she’s a beacon of expertise, passion, and vibrant energy in the world of beauty therapy.

The Therapist and Trainer Extraordinaire: Jo’s journey with Mooeys is a tale of dedication and excellence. Not only is she an incredible therapist, but her skills as a trainer are second to none. Her passion lies in nurturing therapists to be their absolute best. Whether it’s in Farnham, Horsham or at your own salon, Jo’s training sessions are where skills are honed, and professional dreams take flight.

Amy’s Admiration for Jo: When Amy, our very own Mooeys maestro, talks about Jo, it’s with a mix of admiration and awe. Amy considers Jo one of the best therapists she’s ever worked alongside. From managing the Farnham salon for nearly eight years to a stint as a college lecturer, and then leading the charge at Haslemere, Jo’s journey is nothing short of inspiring.

The Heart of Mooeys Masters: Jo’s contributions to the Mooeys Masters training programmes are invaluable. With over 30 years in the beauty industry, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Her expertise, especially in waxing (she’s hailed as the best waxer ever!), enriches the training programs, making them a cut above the rest.

More than Just Skills: But Jo’s impact goes beyond her technical prowess. Her wicked sense of humor and generally fabulous vibes are what make her sessions not just educational but thoroughly enjoyable. Jo embodies the essence of the Mooeys spirit, making learning a delightful experience.

The OG amongst the Moos: Affectionately known as Glam-ma Moo, Jo lives up to this name in every sense. She brings a touch of glamour and a whole lot of enthusiasm to everything she does. Her presence is a blend of professional brilliance and charismatic charm, making her an irreplaceable gem in the Mooeys family.

Celebrating Jo’s Journey: As we spotlight Jo Weller, we celebrate a career marked by passion, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. Jo, here’s to you – for being an integral part of Mooeys’ success, for inspiring countless therapists, and for adding that special sparkle to our professional world.

Stay tuned for more tales of the incredible individuals who make Mooeys Professional the vibrant and inspiring place it is! 🌟💖🐄

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