Waxing, an art form in the beauty industry, requires precision, skill, and top-notch training to master. In the UK, several renowned academies offer comprehensive waxing courses, attracting aspiring beauticians and seasoned professionals alike. Let’s explore the most popular wax training providers and discover what really sets them apart.

1. Beauty Academy UK:
Beauty Academy stands out for its commitment to excellence and hands-on training. With a focus on practical education, their courses ensure students develop the necessary skills to excel in the field.

Unique Selling Point: Personalised attention and small class sizes ensure individualised instruction, fostering a supportive learning environment.

Reviews: ‘I had a waxing course today with Rachel and she was the loveliest person so helpful and understanding I am only 16 and she made me feel so at ease and welcoming! I learnt so much about waxing including the types of wax, methods, precision etc I would 100% recommend this course so worth the money’

2. Kim Lawless Waxing Training:
Kim Lawless is synonymous with perfection in waxing. Renowned for her expertise and attention to detail, her training courses are highly sought after in the UK. Students benefit from Kim’s wealth of experience and insider tips, ensuring they master the art of waxing to perfection.

Unique Selling Point: Kim Lawless’s signature techniques and focus on achieving flawless results make her training unparalleled in the industry.

Reviews: ‘I thought I was a competent Hollywood waxer until I saw Kim’s way of doing it. I realized I was using far too much wax for a start but that’s how I was thought originally. I’d now get a Hollywood done in a less than a half an hr easily.
Definitely go for it it’s well worth it & Kim’s an excellent trainer without a doubt.’

3. Andy Rouillard Training Academy:

Andy is the owner of Axiom Bodyworks and specialises in male waxing. Hailed as ‘Britain’s top male waxing specialist’
Andy Rouillard’s training academy is known for its comprehensive curriculum and commitment to quality education. With a blend of theory and hands-on practice, students gain a thorough understanding of waxing techniques and customer care. Andy emphasises, “Quality education is the priority at our academy. We empower our students to deliver exceptional service and build lasting client relationships.”

Unique Selling Point: Andy’s approachable teaching style and mentorship ensure students feel supported throughout their learning journey.

Reviews: I’ve recently travelled from Scotland to Basingstoke to train with Andy Rouillard of Axiom. He does ONLY male waxing and his training was the best I have had. Lots of practical training,  we waxed all day but it was well worth it and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andy.

4. Sam Marshall, The Beauty Guru:

Sam specialises in skin therapies, waxing and other beauty treatments. She is a leading industry educator and expert who boasts both published work and numerous stints on TV and Radio. Sam teaches Trans Awareness Training and is an advisor for HABIA (The Hair and Beauty Industry Authority), The Federation of Nail Professionals, The British Beauty Council and VCTC.

Unique Selling Point: Emphasis on practical training sets them apart. Sam believes in equipping students with real-world experience to thrive in their careers.

When it comes to choosing a waxing training provider, quality and education are paramount. Investing in hands-on courses led by industry experts like Sam Marshall, Kim Lawless, and Andy Rouillard guarantees that aspiring Beauty Therapists receive top-notch instruction and emerge as skilled professionals ready to conquer the world of waxing.

So, where does Mooeys Professional fit into all of this and how do we compare?

We are setting a new standard for waxing training!

We offer a holistic approach to education, recognising that successful waxing goes beyond technique. Our courses encompass not only the technical aspects of waxing but also service, hygiene practices and even contraindications. This comprehensive approach ensures that students are not only skilled waxing therapists but also confident in what could go wrong and prepare them to excel in the industry.

Our training is thorough, in depth and we have the most incredible bunch of trainers teaching you! We’ve had many students tell us our training is actually more detailed than their college courses. We cover all scenario’s good and bad to actually prepare you for the real world. We also include strip and hot wax training as standard in our introduction to waxing (The Essential Master) and offer lots of practical which we believe is super important.

We offer pregnancy waxing as standard in our Intimate waxing (The Intimate Master) and fertility training which no other company are offering. Our training groups are kept small with no more than 4 students usually so we can offer that personalised touch and support.

In an era where consumers are increasingly mindful of the products they use on their skin, we decided to create our own waxing products which emphasises on natural and high-quality ingredients. We are also huge fans of multifunctional products and so you will find our products also double up as multiple products that are used for professional use, but your clients can buy and refill!
Take our pre and post wax Care oil, we use it in our cuticle pens, cuticle dropper bottle and Buff salt scrub. It can be used to nourish the skin, to heal sun kissed skin, and can even be used as a hair serum.

Reviews: ‘Extremely thorough training! Intimate waxing has always felt like my nemesis treatment but I knew as soon as I started the theory training that I’d picked the right company to train with. It’s so in depth and you learn things you’d never even think about! The practical training was 1 on 1 with 2 models which was excellent and I feel a lot more confident to go out and offer this treatment’

Check out Mooeys Professional courses here.

In conclusion:

There are some incredible trainers in our industry but there are also some absolute shockers! Always choose a training provider that includes hands-on practical training to ensure you are insured adequately, and choose a training provider that has your best interests and success in the industry at heart.

In a crowded market, Mooeys Professional Waxing Training shines as a beacon of innovation, excellence and integrity. By prioritising a holistic approach to education, natural ingredients, small class sizes and ongoing support, Mooeys sets the standard for professional waxing training in the UK and beyond, empowering the aspiring waxing professionals to unleash their full potential and embark on a successful career in the beauty industry.