More and more Beauty Therapists are deciding to go it alone and work for themselves than ever before, approximately 57% which is huge! Flexible working hours and being your own boss are the key reasons why the industry has seen an increase, alongside the potential for making money that goes directly into your pocket of course.
The drawbacks however are that therapists are often left isolated, with no colleagues to talk to about their day or to help with troubleshooting if they have had a tricky client. When you work in busy beauty salons, these are the sort of topics that you would discuss with your colleagues of course, which would then prevent any form of anxiety or stress when it comes to mastering your technique.

We have recently seen an increase in therapists applying to our own Mooeys salons who work for themselves and feel that they would like to be part of a salon environment alongside their own business for this very reason. And of course, there is holiday pay and pensions to consider when you are in employment which is another reason we have seen more solo therapists applying for positions with us.

I know it’s not very common for beauty salons to employ therapists who have their own businesses due to the fear of therapists stealing clients, but I have a very different approach as actually, I think it all comes down to respect. The majority of my team offer treatments privately outside of my salons and I don’t blame them – every little helps and all that! But we have a rule which is based on mutual respect. I will support any of our therapists who offer different treatments to what we do, and may even promote them to our clients to help them get more bookings, but the minute I find that they are taking Mooeys clients, their contract is terminated due to the disrespect for me and my business. I actually have it written into my contracts that this is gross misconduct. Now, this wouldn’t work for every beauty business, especially salons that offer the full array of beauty services, but it works for us which is why I think we have seen an increase in applicants.

Very recently we also had a lovely therapist contact us who explained that she works for herself and has become really busy with waxing, however, she has done a few 1-day courses and doesn’t feel she is giving the best service because she wasn’t sure if the knowledge she has is enough. She is feeling more and more anxious about the results she is getting with waxing, and wants to re-learn again to make sure she is working at her optimum level. How amazing is this firstly, that she cares this much? But also, that she is looking to know as much as she can. So of course, we wanted to help!

Again, this is becoming more and more common in the beauty industry. Short courses have their place, but you cannot just do one day of waxing training and expect to know everything.

This therapist didn’t need to re-learn waxing as she is running a successful and busy business already so must be doing something right. She needed a day with a really experienced waxer to check her technique, go over her intimate and facial waxing and build her confidence with it. She also needed our theory so she could see what possible outcomes there are and how to deal with them, she wanted to learn the pregnancy waxing theory and sexual health so she is armed with all of the information to really build on that confidence and help her become even better.

So, we recommended the Intimate Master Course on a day with a trainer who works in groups of 2 only, so she could go through all of this on a one-to-one basis pretty much. We also then gave her access to all of our theory so she could really get to grips with waxing as I am very aware that this isn’t covered in great detail in any other waxing course (That’s what makes our courses really different)

“It really was one of those moments where I know I can help; I know our trainers were made for this, and the entire ethos of why I created this training in the first place was based on this exact therapist”.

So where do you go if you are working alone? Who do you turn to? Where do you access information to enhance your knowledge when it comes to all things waxing?

Us – because we really give a shit! We know working for yourself can be lonely and we want to help wherever we can.

Our courses allow you access to the very best trainers with tonnes of experience who will help you build your confidence and knowledge, therefore assisting you in delivering a better service to your customers.
Our Mooeys ComMOOnity group on Facebook gives you access to experienced beauty therapists for support, general chit-chat, tips and tricks and also someone you can ask for advice – which I know is huge when you are working alone.

Our aim is to make the beauty industry better. And we truly believe knowledge is power, so we want to share this with you.

We have had a rethink about the theory part of our courses and decided we wanted it to be available for everyone, especially those who just want to refresh their skills but don’t necessarily want to do any hands-on practical training.

So, with immediate effect, our 3 online modules are now available at only £99 (including VAT) on our online training platform.

All of our online theory covers contraindications and health and safety, and all have tutorial videos on how to carry out various waxing services.

Hot Wax Master For therapists that want to become a more confident waxer using Hot Wax.

Intimate MasterFor therapists that want to venture into intimate waxing, including Sexual health, understanding Vulva’s, hair types, piercings and periods, as well as pregnancy waxing all as standard. Because – how can you be intimate waxing without all of this knowledge?

Essential MasterPerfect for beginners covering everything for both Hot and Strip Waxing (apart from intimate waxing). If you have done waxing but really don’t feel confident when doing the basics with strip or hot waxing – this one is most definitely for you.

Whatever your concerns or worries, we are here to help. Get in touch and let us see what we can do to help you become even more knowledgeable than you already are.

Lots of Love

Amy and Yasmin


*References used: IBTA website