Recruitment is a problem right now. The world has changed and so has people’s expectations of how they want to manage their work/life balance. And we are fully supportive of that. Who doesn’t want to have flexibility over how and when they live their lives around work. But we can’t escape the fact that work needs to continue in a way that meets the needs of our customers.

So we wanted to find out how we could achieve as close to a perfect equilibrium for both our staff and our clients, so everyone can be satisfied that they are able to book in for treatments at times to suit them, and that our staff don’t feel FOMO from working all weekend.

How did we do this? With a simple survey to our client database. And the response has been phenomenal! Over 1100+ responses!

We shouldn’t be surprised, after all, it was this same audience that gave us such an overwhelming response to our RFI on fertility treatment experiences that led to the creation of The Comprehensive Guide to Fertility Treatment module. But we are truly thankful that our clients have such compassion and understanding to why we are doing this. We aren’t looking to reduce staff hours, just shuffle them around the week to find that happy medium that works for everyone.

Our Moos are special to our business, and it’s important that we look after them too. A huge thank you to our lovely clients who are so understanding about this.. I mean, just look at some of these comments!

“It’s been a rough two years, you do what works best for you and I’ll be flexible! ? Everyone needs family and friends time as well as just “me time” and that goes for everyone at Mooeys also! ”

“I think it’s great your asking for our input on this . Your staff are always so lovely & deserve some quality time at weekends ”

“I love Mooeys and agree you all need to have a balance in your lives. I can usually be flexible with my times. ”

“Great you are looking after your staff!! ”

“I agree your staff should have a work/life balance, for us who want to visit Mooeys will continue to support you……oh and the builders tea & laughs are second to none :)”

“Always amazing service from you Moo’s and totally understand the want/need to be spending more time with family. Work/Life balance is SUPER important ”

“We all need a good work / life balance. Things have changed and people need to get used to the fact you need to book appointments a week or two in advance, not expect to have one the same day. You have to do what you feel is right, whatever you do will upset somebody!”

“I love the fact you want your staff to have a better work life balance ”

“I think this is a great idea, as long as you can extend opening hours midweek why should it be a problem. Family and down time is important. Great that you’re asking x “

So if you’re struggling with recruitment or staff that aren’t feeling their best selves, ask yourself; what are you doing to improve your staff’s work/life balance? Are you meeting the needs of your team AND your clients?

If this is an area you want to work on in your business, then why not book onto our awesome Business Master: Chapter One: “You, Your Team, and Your Customer”