I LOVE Franchising. Like…I really love it.
I love that I can offer a business model that allows people to be self-employed, yet still have the support of a proven and successful operation.
I love that I can coach, mentor and guide individuals on their business journey.
I love that I can be the person they call if the shit hits the fan, or share their wins with.
I love to see individuals grow and flourish in their own salons that they built.
I love seeing how our Franchise Partners infuse their unique style into their own salons while maintaining alignment with my brand.
I love that others can leverage the brand I’m so passionate about, to achieve their own success.
I love the relationships I have with my Franchise Partners; I am surrounded by the most incredible humans.
I love our community and the support that we give one another.
I love that we can grow our network of Mooeys salons to provide awesome beauty services to more people.
I love that we can provide more space for people to feel valued, appreciated and cared for within a our own Herd aswell as the clients we serve.
I love the whole process of setting up a new salon. From property searching, to design, recruitment to training, and set up to launch. Every part of it is completely my jam.
I love creating structures and processes that give our Franchise Partners the blueprint to their own success.
I love it when new clients come in to the salon and say “I’m so pleased to have found you, this town doesn’t have anything like this”
And I really love a launch! The craziness, the buzz and the excitement to share the Mooeys love to a whole new audience. It’s epic!

Want to learn more? – Head over to our Franchise website Franchise Opportunity In The UK (mooeysfranchise.co.uk)


Amy (Head Wench)