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Our own herd!

Creating a community of like-minded therapists is everything to us. We have a group on Facebook that is for people who have been on the Mooeys Masters training or are interested in signing up. This is a place for us all to help each other. Whether that is dealing with common problems or getting advice from another therapist who cares as much as you do.


Our herd


We want therapists to be the best they can be, and we want to support you in achieving that. The Mooeys Masters training is all about knowledge and delivering above and beyond what you would learn in a standard college course. You may be a really experienced waxer or a complete novice – either way, we will treat you the same! It is about getting rid of bad habits and creating great ones. You will come away knowing more than when you came in, and you will hopefully become part of something great – our very own Mooeys herd of excellence.

If you are working for yourself or within a salon environment and want to be known for waxing, then this course is definitely for you!

Join the heard

Encourage success &

Join the herd!

Being a therapist can be an incredible job. It is rewarding, exhausting and so much fun all at the same time. But if you work for yourself it can also be quite lonely. Imagine having people you can reach out to and ask for support, feedback or general assistance.

That’s what Mooeys Masters is all about. Let’s have each other’s back, really encourage success and be proud of what we are achieving.

Supporting Women


Supporting women

This is truly our backbone. As a Mooeys Masters therapist, we want you to know how to support your clients, how to advise them if you need to and how to spot the signs of anything from sexual health concerns to domestic abuse.

Understanding the vulva and knowing when something is wrong, or when to advise your client that they need to get checked out, is fundamental in what we do. We want our clients to know they are in excellent hands from the offset. They will choose to come to you because you are the best or because they know that as a specialist in waxing, they don’t need to be concerned or worried if they are heavily pregnant or have recently had a baby. What if they have had a traumatic labour and are nervous about someone seeing their scars? What if they are unsure if it is ‘normal’? Or maybe they are just really bloomin’ nervous.

With the Mooeys Masters training, you can support all of these women and get known in your area for being the best… the one who cares… the one who knows what they are doing!

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What difference

Are we trying to make?

We are trying the help other therapists be incredible, which in turn will help them be successful. Why would we do this when we have our own salons, we hear you say? Well, it is simply because we are really passionate about the service clients receive and the standard of treatments that therapists are delivering. There are so many cheap courses available nowadays, where people receive a certificate that may not even allow them to be insured, or substandard training that won’t instil confidence in a therapist to deliver these kinds of treatments.

We want to change that and want people to be great. Our goal is world domination of the beauty industry. We want everyone to be Mooeys Masters and do brilliantly well – simple really!

Nail Extensions


Training Programmes

Mooeys Masters has various training courses, and a Business programme.
Depending on your experience and qualifications, you could do just one or a few of them, plus the Business Master training too!

Waxing Salon

The Absolute Master

The Advanced training course for experienced waxers!

A 1-day course is for the experienced waxer who wants to be the absolute best in their area. Learn about Pregnancy waxing, Sexual Health, Fertility Treatment and so much more.

A meeting of minds! A day spent with incredible humans who are just as passionate as you are


Waxing Salon

The Intimate Master

The Intimate wax course for qualified therapists

2-day intense course not for the faint-hearted or squeamish type!

This training can only be done if you have experience with Hot waxing already. If you don’t, check out the Hot wax conversion course.

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(Only £150 if combined with the Essential Master)

Waxing Salon

The Hot Wax Master

The Hot Wax conversion course for qualified therapists

A 1-day course is for anyone who wishes to be a better waxer in general. Covering everything you need to know about hygiene, contraindications, skin types & more!

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(Only £99 if combined with the Intimate Master)

Waxing Salon

The Essential Master

The Strip & Hot waxing course for complete beginners

This 3-day course is for the absolute beginner, No qualifications necessary!

We will be covering everything you need to know to do a cracking wax treatment.

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