Mooeys Masters Founder, Amy Lewis talks with SalonEVO about waxing education, business options and the latest products in this expanding sector.

This month, our founder, Amy, was called upon by Hair & Beauty Magazine, SalonEVO, to spill the beans about why waxing needs to be viewed as a business opportunity and what makes waxing such a profitable service in the beauty industry and why the Hair industry should get in on the game…

Hair, Waxing and Nail services all have so many factors in common – The repeat business being the main one! None of these treatments require quiet spaces, or tranquillity music, and all require a great salon vibe to be successful. However, they are also all services that require specialists, or masters if you want to stand out from the competition.


When it comes to training in the waxing sector, Amy stresses that education is everything. “Location, teacher, and course focus all massively impact the individual’s preference when it comes to products and treatment techniques. The experience of the lecturer/teacher, as well as the opportunities that were available to that individual during their training to experience salon life have such an incremental effect on how that individual will then go on to formulate their own technique and will often sway them in what products they favour.”


Waxing can be the perfect revenue boost for a hair salon looking to utilise their extra space. With a low cost of sale and high margin, the investment needs to only be minimal before salons could start seeing a return.

If you are interested in Waxing as a business opportunity for your salon, or considering starting your own business but would like some guidance where to start, subscribe to Mooeys Masters or contact us at for more information.
Access the full article in SalonEVO UK & Ireland Issue 2 (March / April 2021)  here.