So, what are the “Do’s and Don’ts” after having a wax?

It’s lovely to be left with the silky smooth skin that waxing leaves you with, but aftercare is so important as the skin is sensitive after a waxing treatment and the last thing you as a therapist would want to do is aggravate your client’s skin and make it sore or cause it to become infected.

The reason the skin is sensitive after waxing is that the blood rushes to the waxed area, slightly raising the skin temperature and sensitivity.  Hair follicles are left open for a while from the hair removal, so the skin will be prone to infection if your client were to apply certain lotions and potions or expose their skin to certain temperatures or situations.

Initially after performing the treatment, whilst your client is still in the room, you would offer your client the Moo Soothe cream or Moo Care oil to apply onto your skin, for instant soothing and anti-redness treatment.  These products are designed to be applied straight after a wax. They are made up of soothing essential oils so as not to irritate the skin, and they are completely synthetic-free so you know you are only putting loveliness back into your clients’ skin!  Our scrummy Moo products are vegan, cruelty-free and the packaging is recyclable and even refillable (watch this space – refill stations coming soon)!  You can find all of our aftercare products along with our full product range at our online shop.

The following is a guide to how to care for your skin after a wax.  It is the same for any part of the body that has been waxed, and this is up on the wall in every Mooeys treatment room so that you can take a photo too for reference.  Note that between treatments you can help by keeping the skin moisturized, and exfoliate regularly with a body polish or scrub.  This will help prevent nasty ingrowing hairs and your therapist can discuss this with you too.


The Moo Guide to Waxing Aftercare for Clients

The “Don’ts”:

? No sauna, steam or sunbed for 24 hours

? No sunbathing for 24 hours

? No make-up for 24 hours

? No swimming for 24 hours

? Do not apply fake tan for the first 24 hours

? Do not exfoliate the area for the first 48 hours

? No hot baths and showers for 24 hours

? No perfumed bubble bath or shower gel for 24 hours


Explain to your client that exposing the skin to heat, sun, perfumed lotions or exfoliants will increase risk of infection because of the open hair follicles, and it will just be bloomin’ sore!  Emphasize how important it is that they treat their freshly waxed skin kindly, and you will both reap the benefits. Their wax will be more efficient, it will last longer and will be less likely to result in painful, ingrown hairs, and; just as important as the visible results, is the reputation that you will gain for giving a crackin’ wax treatment!

The “Do’s”:

? Tell your client to moisturise regularly

? Encourage your client to exfoliate regularly (2-3 times per week)


It’s important to explain that occasionally, the skin may go a little bit red after a wax, and that this is completely normal and this does vary from person to person.  The best thing to do is to encourage your client to take home a bottle of Moo Soothe or Moo Calm (available here for clients) to apply onto the area at home to keep up that ever-so essential moisture on the area and wait for the redness or sensitivity to go down.  Your client can carry on their usual skincare routine, adhering to the guidance for the first 24-48 hours that we advise.

Please remember, should your client have any type of adverse reaction to the waxing treatment, ask them to let you know as soon as they can, so that you can advise them what to do. If you need some guidance on how to treat a ‘wax gone wrong’, get in touch with us at for advice.

At Mooeys Masters, we are all about the clients and their well-being, so it is vital to us that the treatments we (and our comMOOnity,) carry out are always backed up with aftercare advice for the client to take home to ensure super lush results and a super happy client!