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1 day – £199

Advanced Waxing Course

The Advanced training course for the experienced waxer!

Do you want to learn more about Pregnancy waxing?
Do you know enough about Sexual Health?
Do you want to understand your clients on a deeper level, especially those going through Fertility treatment?
Do you want to freshen up your skills, learn some new tips and tricks and generally level up your knowledge with intimate waxing?

Having a better understanding of these key areas when you are dealing with the delicate areas of female genitals, can really set you apart from your competition. Knowing more about Fertility and what your clients will be going through, really will catapult you in the service you offer.

Surrounding yourself with equally great therapists, who are super passionate like you, really is powerful stuff.

Join us for a day, find your tribe and get ready to truly kick the arse of your competition when it comes to all things Intimate waxing.

Your link  to access the Comprehensive guide to Fertility training module online, will be sent via your welcome email, just so you know.

No need to wear your best knickers as you will defo be taking them off ?

Join the heard



You must have a waxing qualification and must upload it to your account in order for you to attend this training.

Supporting Women



You need to be an experienced waxer for this course.
You must have experience using Hot wax and already doing Intimate waxing

Supporting Women


Attitude & Professionalism

Come in uniform or suitable clothing to carry out waxing treatments. We aren’t fussy or particular and care more about the attitude you turn up with than the clothes you wear. Come with an open mind and ready to learn.

What to expect

During and after training

Our days will run from 9.30am – 5pm with half an hour for lunch.

The days will be fun, but there will be a lot to take in. You will have workbooks; however, it is always worth bringing a notepad or laptop/iPad etc. for any additional note taking.

There will be theory about everything you need to know and plenty of time for practical, too. You will be working on each other, so be prepared to bare all. Remember though, this course is all about how you can be the best. You cannot be the best if you haven’t even experienced the treatments yourself!

We would love for all of our students to complete the domestic abuse training online. This is really important to us, however we understand that it can sometimes be too close to home for some, so it isn’t compulsory. If you do complete the training, please print or save the certificate and either email it to us, or bring it with you on your training.

Mooeys Professional has a group on Facebook and we really encourage you to join it, as it is the best way to keep up to date with things, but it is also a place for therapists to support each other.

If you have any concerns, worries or further questions, you can always get in touch with us and we will help wherever we can.

Sound good?

Let’s get you signed up!

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