When I first started Mooeys, I always knew that I didn’t create the brand to run the salons myself. I have years of experience running large operations within the Spa Industry, and I suppose my super power was always systems and processes. If the right people are in the right job, with the right knowledge – you don’t need to be there.

The sign of a great leader is one who doesn’t need to be present for the business to run effectively, and this is the mantra I have always managed by. This isn’t always the case, and it can definitely take a while for this to actually be working, however it should be the goal if you want your business to be fully self-sufficient, and especially if you want to expand into a multi-site business, or even a Franchise.

In order for this to work, you need to have the knowledge yourself firstly, and then share this knowledge to train or coach your next in-line. Whether this is your Senior Therapist, Assistant Manager or Salon Manager. However, you have your business set up, a succession plan should always be in place to keep your team motivated, engaged and focused. If everyone knows their role, and sees the opportunity for growth, amazing things truly happen. You can step aside and work on your growth project, and your team can step up, knowing exactly what is expected of them and how you want the business to run.

Now what about if you are running your salon, and aren’t looking to expand your business? What if you are an incredible therapist who has opened up your own business and are doing really well, but never had any official training on things like health and safety or finance?

What if you are paying an accountant and working as a therapist day in day out, but leaving it to your accountant to tell you if you are doing well or not?
Therapists are incredible people. We really give a shit about people and love engaging with all walks of life. However, being a therapist very rarely requires you to understand the health and safety responsibilities of a business, and unless you have worked within lots of different business settings, managing and recruiting a strong team or running a financially healthy business doesn’t always come naturally.

After launching Mooeys in Horsham, I knew that I needed to create a management training programme where I could teach my management team how I wanted them to run my business. Then as I went on to launch Mooeys Franchise, I knew that this would then be an integral part of the Franchisee journey as they could also learn how to run a successful salon, even if they don’t have a beauty background. This is where our business training was born, the need for standardisation, structure and knowledge. You could say it’s my 18 years of spa and salon management all wrapped up in a big business training bow!

So, what does a successful manager need to know about really? There is so much to discuss and work through, however over 4 days we cover everything that is important to help you on your journey to running a super slick operation. These are just some of the main topics we cover:

You and Your Team (Chapter 1, Day 1)

1. What your management style is.
2. How to deal with bitchiness or how to earn respect within your team.
3. Who your perfect therapist is.

4. What’s important to your team.
5. How to manage correctly and effectively
6. The Importance of contracts that protect you and your team
7. How to you support, train and develop your team.
8. How do you retain your team.
9. Being fully legal and above board.

Your Clients and Service (Chapter 1, Day 2)
1. Know who your perfect client actually is.
2. Having a clear mission statement.
3. Having clear core values as a business.
4. Having a clear customer journey.
5. Understand where your client spends their money, time and energy
6. How to attract that perfect client
7. What is important to that client

Your Finance (Chapter 2, Day 1)
1. Margins and how to calculate your profit within treatments and products.
2. Various financial terminologies and what they mean
3. How to create a budget, understand why it is important, and stick to it
4. What margins should you be working with in order to be a profitable business
5. Where to spend your money, and where to save
6. Managing your stock to make sure you aren’t overspending
7. Business Integrity and what it means to you

Master Your Marketing (Chapter 2, Day 2)
1. Setting your prices correctly
2. Your customers and where to find them?
3. Understanding the various social media channels, and knowing which one to choose
4. Top tips for engagement
5. Communication
6. Getting the best out of your website
7. Loyalty Vs. Discount

This is just the start, there is soooo much more!

After creating this management training programme, I have seen a much more professional level of manager run my salons. And more importantly, the service that is delivered is the best it has ever been, our core values are implemented throughout the team, and everyone understands what it takes to run a successful business – that they all wish to be a part of.
Remember, if your team are engaged and you spend time or money developing them, they are much more likely to stay and grow with you, which really will help you in the long run.

I have also been able to give those great therapists the opportunity to grow within my team, rather than recruit experienced managers who come with bad habits. There is something so special about mentoring and coaching your best therapists, the ones who already care about your business and want to be a part of the success. Giving them this kind of knowledge is super empowering and I can guarantee you, that you and/or your team will only excel with all of this knowledge.

I have continued to deliver it once a year to my own team, and all Franchisees and their managers. It is honestly one of my favourite parts of my roles and it is just getting bigger and bigger. But how can I keep this to myself? I have an immense amount of experience running large operations and delivering management training within various companies including my own, and I love delivering this to large groups from all backgrounds. The sense of community you get when you have an intimate experience like 4 days together, learning how to be your absolute best is something really special. A meeting of beautiful souls and incredible minds, in a safe space, really is truly magical. So, the time has come to open it up to Salon Managers and Owners outside of the Mooeys Herd.

We only run this course once a year currently, and have very limited spaces so that we can keep our sessions intimate and exactly how they should be. So check out our Business Master here and see if any of the dates work for you. There is quite a hefty discount too if you book both together.

If you have any questions about this or anything else we offer – drop me an email or DM.

I’m always happy to have a chat or discuss your needs.

Love Amy