The Business Master® – Chapter 2

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Mooeys Masters Business Master Training – Chapter 2

#Connection with money and your audience – equally as important!

These are two subjects that you very rarely see together, but they are so integral to the success of a business. You can’t have financial knowledge, without knowing who your audience and who you are going to sell to. And you can’t know everything about Marketing but have no understanding of how to manage your money and budget successfully.

It isn’t easy, but it will be fun. We have a lot to cover in a short space of time, so come prepared to learn – lots! Below is just a few of the topics that you will cover in this awesome 2 day course.

DAY 1 – Connection with your cash and your responsibilities

This day is for the inexperienced budgeted. For the person who doesn’t have an annual budget, or is scared of the thought of finance. We will cover the various financial terminologies and know what’s important when it comes to your cash. We will teach you how to create a budget, how to work out your profit margins, and even go through some of your own lines with you to see which ones are the most profitable. We will also cover stock management and various other business owner/manager responsibilities.

NB:You need to be able to use excel for this day. We don’t want you to be experts by any stretch, but just understanding how to use the absolute basics is necessary.

DAY 2 – Connection with your audience

Knowing who your audience is, is absolutely critical when you have a business or are in charge of one. What’s the point in having a great product, but not knowing how to get it launched or even out there to the public? We will cover social media, your website and what content to put out there, when and for what reason.
This is a really fun and creative day. So bring your open minds and thinking caps, as we may just give your ‘To Do’ list a massive rocket up it’s backside with this day!

Can you believe we can cover all of this in two days?!

If you feel that finance and marketing are your areas that you need more information on, then get yourself booked on to this chapter. You can do this course alone and come back to chapter 1 at another time, or you can do them both together and experience a full intense, management programme over 4 days – it is completely up to you.

If you book both chapters together, you will get a pretty hefty discount of £199 (These don’t need to be done after each other, but both courses have to be booked and paid for to get this awesome discount)

Don’t hesitate to give us a shout if you have any questions. Now what are you waiting for? Get Involved and invest in yourself!

Earn up to 499 Moo Points.

Need to know...

We are mega passionate about wanting to help individuals become the best managers and leaders within their business. We want you to succeed, we want you to be a great leader and we want to give you the tools to enable you to do just that!

Qualifications required

None – Zero, Zilch

Experience required

Experience within the trade you are going to be managing will definitely help, however isn’t compulsory.


We aren’t fussy or particular, and care more about the attitude you turn up with than the clothes you wear. Come with an open mind, a passion for what you are doing, and be ready to learn.

You have probably gathered that we aren’t conventional in the slightest and we love it that way. Being a great leader isn’t about the fancy suit you wear, it is about what’s in your heart and how you can build connections with people.

Additional information

Business Master Chapter 2

17th – 18th January 2023


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