Lashes and Brows

Do you want to join

a fabulous ‘herd’ of incredibly fun and talented beauty enthusiasts?

We are looking for exceptional therapists who love waxing as much as we do, and who are as passionate about using great quality products as much as we like making them.

If this is a bit of you; then it sounds like you… could be a ‘Pro Moo’!

Join the heard

What is

a Pro Moo?

Our team of Pro Moos are a new addition to our coMOOnity of exceptional humans who shout about what Mooeys Masters is all about; including how scrummy our products are and how everyone needs to be using them. Pro Moos are savvy, influential individuals in the beauty industry who are passionate about quality and service, and not afraid to shout about it.

Lashes and Brows

What exactly

does a Pro Moo do?

Pro Moos are responsible for raising awareness of our Waxing Master and Business Master courses as well as and getting The Wax Range out into the big wide world, well, your world specifically.

Our Pro Moos use their own networks and communities; through word of mouth, social platforms and client bases, to spread the word (and the love) about Mooeys wax, Product range, and courses. If you’re social media savvy and really passionate about quality beauty service, then you could be perfect for our team!

We are looking for therapists who want to try out our products (or have tried them already) and share all of the wonderful things that makes The Wax Range so special.
Such as being:

You don’t have to be a proven social media influencer, or have an enormous network of clients to be a Pro Moo.
We are looking for people who are willing to use their platforms to promote and sell products that [you] believe to be the very best for your clients.

Supporting Women

So, what’s

in it for me?

Of course, in return we will be giving you some pretty awesome discounts, VIP access to new products, referral rewards, on top of all the Moo love and support for you and your brand as well as loads of other exciting stuff.

Besides being part of a kick-ass Herd of awesome beauty professionals, being a Pro Moo means you also get:

Supporting Women


do I sign up?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a Pro Moo then we’d love to hear from you. Tell us why you’d make a brilliant Pro Moo and what you could bring to the table.


Your questions answered

Moo Points can be used to give you money back to spend on anything on our website, and our Mooeys client website.
So that’s training, products, packages and Management Training too. But you could also exchange your points for a Mooeys gift voucher to be used in our own salons as well. This can be used by yourself, or given to one of you team members as an incentive.

So what are you waiting for?

Get involved and join the ‘herd’ of like-minded, incredible therapists.

We are limiting our Pro Moos to just 20 initially.
We want to make sure that everything is tickety boo, and want to keep our crew small, tight and connected.

We believe that our prices are fair, and great value already.

We won’t be advertising discounts or percentages off, as we believe in loyalty vs. discounts. The people who spend with us, should be the people who get the best offers and the best service.
We have a small training facility, where we can accommodate up to 6 people in each training group comfortably, so we want to focus on value and quality of training over numbers and bums on seats as such, hence why you won’t be seeing a load of discounts from us.

The only discounts that will be on offer, are via our Pro Moos – and that will hopefully be you!
We want a network of like minded, quality conscious therapists only, not just bargain hunters.

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