Mooeys Professional Now Selling Premium Eco-Friendly Skincare From MOOSKIN

Mooeys Professional, leading UK Beauty Supplier and Training Provider to the Professional Beauty industry, announced today the launch of sister company; MOOSKIN, a versatile, multi-functional, vegan skincare brand. 

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Founded in 2020, Mooeys Professional delivers exceptional training courses to the beauty industry, ranging from introductory courses in business management to advanced, specialist training in waxing. Mooeys Professional has been gathering momentum in professional beauty circles for its quality wax range; now supplying over 240 Beauty Therapists across salons and colleges with the products to deliver an exceptional wax treatment. 

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Eco-Friendly Skincare From MOOSKIN products will enable Beauty Professionals across the industry to further deliver great results to their clients using the same incredible products as used throughout Mooeys Salons. The release of the MOOSKIN product line will also give business owners the opportunity to enhance their professional salon spaces with a beautifully compact and aesthetically pleasing retail line. 

The versatility of the MOOSKIN range is designed to minimise stock holding requirements resulting in less wastage and more space utilisation in the salon for delivering treatments. MOOSKIN eliminates the need for multiple oils, lotions and cleansers, and instead presents a beautifully crafted, environmentally-conscious vegan range to suit all skin types and to be used across all treatments; from intimate waxing and massage to mani’s and pedi’s.  

I have always thought that professional beauty lines are always so extreme. I mean, why do we need 10 different types of wax, just because they smell different or have different packaging?

Amy Mooeys Founder I decided to create a small, versatile range of products that I wanted to use, and wanted to be used on me. I went about creating products that we really need. Products that were really multi-functional. It was important to me that therapists wouldn’t have to commit to buying huge starter packages with tonnes of products that do the same as each other. I wanted something that would help other [beauty] therapists in their own businesses, and this meant providing beautiful, quality products that would not only deliver great results to clients, but would help reduce costs and be eco-friendly too. This is where Eco-Friendly Skincare From MOOSKIN started from. Amy Lewis, Founder of Mooeys Group and co-founder of MOOSKIN.

Visit to explore the Eco-Friendly MOOSKIN range and Mooeys Professional Wax and Training Courses.

About Mooeys Professional 

Mooeys Professional, also part of Mooeys Franchise Ltd, is setting a new standard of excellence across the Beauty Industry through innovative, eco-friendly products and dynamic, client-centric Beauty Training.

Its multi-functional Moo Wax Range is a firm favourite in many salons across the UK thanks to its versatility lending itself to more than just wax treatments. Mooeys Professional believe in the importance of creating exceptional, eco-friendly products and delivering safe, high-quality treatments, which is why the Mooeys Masters Training Programmes are designed to create Waxing Specialists out of their students.


MOOSKIN is part of the Mooeys Franchise Ltd. Launched in 2022 by Amy Lewis, professional beauty therapist of over 20 years and founder of Mooeys Ltd and Mooeys Franchise Ltd; and Tracey Hill, beauty aficionado and founder of Proud Media Group Ltd. 

Introducing Eco-Friendly Skincare From MOOSKIN. Devoted to eco-conscious and results-driven beauty, we will always guarantee recyclable packaging, multi-functional products and beautiful results.

Amy & Trace Mooskin