Mooeys Professional, UK based training and beauty product supplier, is proud to announce a mutual promotion of specialist training topics for the beauty industry with inclusivity specialist; Sam Marshall at The Beauty Guru.

This partnership will enable both Mooeys Professional’s and The Beauty Gurus’ audiences to take advantage of a special discount for specialist training modules; Be Trans Aware and The Comprehensive Guide to Fertility Treatment

“These specialist training modules are designed to further therapists’ knowledge on how better to care for, and cater to [our] clients. As the world moves forward in recognising the variety of people that make up our society and their unique journeys in life, it is crucial that the service industry stays agile to adjust their services for the individual needs of their client[s].” 

says Amy Lewis, Founder of Mooeys Group. 

“It is our belief and ethos at Mooeys Professional that the more informed you are, the better service you can provide. Understanding your clients’ experiences; what they are going through both physically and mentally, will enable us as providers to tailor our services and approach to better help our clients, and in turn provide a higher standard of care. Ultimately, not only improving the standard of service but also the provider’s reputation for incredible service. But we cannot be experts at everything, which is why after initially looking to educate my own teams in Mooeys Salons in caring for the LGBTQIA+ community, we sought to partner with inclusivity expert; Sam Marshall, to include their specialist course into our own training programmes as a recommended module.”

Sam Marshall comments:

“No one likes to be made to feel like they’ve gotten something horribly wrong. There’s nothing worse than having someone assume that you don’t care about a certain group of people just because you don’t yet understand exactly who they are and what they struggle with.

By equipping yourself and your team with the right tools, knowledge and best practices, you can ensure your business is more accessible and benefits from an improved quality customer experience.

If I can change the perspective of even just one audience member each time I do a session, I am happy. Because that means there is one more empathetic and educated person out there in this industry.”


About Be Trans Aware
Be Trans Aware training is designed to educate, engage and, perhaps, gently challenge what society may have taught you about trans and non-binary people. All of the courses follow a specific set of objectives, designed to optimise what staff can learn during the session(s) and apply within their profession. Sam recognised that no two businesses are the same and in response, the course educators are able to adapt the training syllabus to include exactly what the audience needs to know.

About The Comprehensive Guide to Fertility Treatment
The Comprehensive Guide to Fertility Treatment is designed for all professionals providing a client-facing service to anyone undergoing a fertility journey in order to better understand what their client is experiencing and what they might need from their service provider. 

This unique course serves to educate professionals in their respective industries, and provide them with the tools and knowledge to communicate with their clients who have either undertaken or undergoing, or even pursuing, fertility treatment with care and true understanding. 

Mooeys Professional is offering a special 20% discount off of Be Trans Aware training courses when purchasing a Mooeys Master Training Course.

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