Surrey-based salon chain; Mooeys Ltd, launches their very own wax and skincare range; The Wax Range and The Professional Moo.

With branches in Farnham, Horsham, Haslemere and Godalming, Mooeys has specialised in delivering perfectly preened skin from the care taken over every cuticle to the long-lasting freshly waxed feeling of the intimate area for over seven years.

A beauty professional for more than 20 years, Amy is exceptionally passionate about client care, so much so that it inspired her to create line of waxing products; The Wax Range,  that both eliminates the use of harmful substances whilst catering for all skin types, and still enabling therapists to achieve the best waxing results.

Amy Lewis, Founder & Managing Director of Mooeys Ltd says;

I was fed up of using wax products that weren’t giving me the results that I wanted as a therapist. The wax would either go brittle really quickly, or wouldn’t catch the fluffy hairs, and in the end we were mixing two waxes from one brand to get the results we wanted. We tried so many types of wax, but it made sense to start from scratch and create one ourselves that was easy to clean, gave great results and didn’t leave sticky residue.”

The Professional Moo retail range is designed with both therapist and client in mind. It is a multi-functional range of products that deliver great pre/post waxing results, as well as being a retail line to offer something new and exciting to your client.

The beauty industry has massive ranges of products, and they are always separated for retail and professional use, so I wanted to keep it simple by creating something beautiful, useful and versatile; that would be suitable for both the treatment room and for clients’ home use.”

“It has been my dream for a long time now to create a range of products that not only compliment the quality treatments we serve at Mooeys, but also delivers real results to people and is made using natural essential oils that have all the positive properties you need for pre and post-wax care.”

The Wax range is available for purchase at .


About Mooeys Masters Ltd:
Mooeys salons pride themselves on being Waxing Specialists and Nail Perfectionists, and because of this, Mooeys Masters was borne out of the desire to create a ‘herd’ of like-minded therapists who all share the same core values of providing high quality treatments, products and exceptional customer service and personability.
Founded in 2020, Mooeys Masters offers a range of training courses to deliver quality, comprehensive training in the two areas Mooeys is most passionate about; waxing and business management. Creating a go-to for all things ‘wax’; Mooeys Masters offers both products and courses to take budding entrepreneurs from start to start-up, all with exceptional service and care at the heart of everything we create.