Beauty Training Courses: What Should You Be Looking For When Choosing Your Training Provider?

The Wild Wild West-ern World of Beauty Courses

There is a lot of talk in our industry currently about the safety concerns around short beauty training courses, and an awful lot of those concerns come from the lack of regulation.

A recent documentary released earlier this year (2021) showed an investigative journalist purchase an online needling course and receive a qualification as a aesthetic practitioner within hours!*

Research, undertaken in July 2021 by industry bodies the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (Babtac), the British Beauty Council, the National Hair and Beauty Federation (NHBF) and the UK Spa Association, found that as much as 39% of freelance beauty therapists had taken part in unregulated short courses to obtain their training.*

Short and Online Beauty Courses

Short Online Beauty Training Courses sound like a great option to get earning quickly. However, the problem with taking a short, (potentially unregulated) online course is that you, as the now-qualified therapist, are left without suitable experience and necessary hands-on practical training to enable you the skillset to correctly perform the treatment, let alone the confidence to handle an unusual situation with a client. For example, an online course is highly unlikely to teach you all the necessary contraindications and real-life examples of a wax gone wrong, or how to handle a liability claim. Should you manage to obtain insurance in the first place before performing your new skills, that is, given that most insurance providers insist on regulated qualifications before issuing a policy for your business.

Why Is Regulation Important For Beauty Training Courses

Without suitable insurance and training, your clients are left at risk, and in the worst case; injured and scarred with a wary approach to ever having that treatment again, should it be performed poorly and are highly unlikely to return to your business. In this way, unregulated courses are harmful to a business’ reputation and ability to build a strong client base for longevity of business success.

It is this short-term, profit-minded kind of approach to training that hurts our industry so much and exactly the reason we set out to create our Mooeys Masters Training Academy.

What Makes Mooeys Masters’ Courses Different?

We want our students to leave feeling satisfied and confident in their new abilities that they can handle any irregularities in their treatments, should they occur! First and foremost, we train therapists to perform safe, high quality treatments to avoid any injury or claim in the first place. Our training doesn’t stop at the certificate either. All of our students are encouraged to reach out for lifetime support and advice from our training team of experts so that together, we can strive for a higher standard of excellence across the industry.

Putting quality, qualified therapists who love what they do out into the industry is our goal, not short-term profit.

All of our Mooeys Masters Beauty Training Courses are accredited by regulatory body; BABTAC. We were in fact the first training academy to have an online course accredited by BABTAC. Now, you might say; “I thought you were against short online beauty training courses?”

We only protest the short courses that leave you with the idea that you have been fully trained to perform a treatment on a client with no prior experience. Our online courses are all theory based and in no way do we insinuate that you will now be qualified to perform a specific treatment off of the back of our online modules. They are for experienced waxers to enhance their knowledge and learn new information and view techniques that are beneficial to the treatments they are already qualified in performing.

For example, our Pregnancy Wax Theory course is an online module that can be purchased by qualified waxers. It is an accredited course due to the knowledge around it’s specific course matter, but in no way do we claim that it is a substitute for a waxing qualification for those without insurance.

It is vital that if you want to boost your business with specialised treatments, that you seek a reputable course provider with accreditation if you wish to get insured.

With Mooeys Masters Training Academy, we have courses available to take a newbie right from their basic waxing certification right through to the experienced master of intimate waxing. All tailored to ability and teaching style; right through to the after-care support and refresher modules.

The most important thing to us at Mooeys Professional is that we make a real master waxer out of our students and not just treat them like a cash cow. Putting quality, qualified therapists who love what they do out into the industry is our goal, not short-term profit.

If you’re interested in adding waxing to your treatment list, or perhaps you want to specialise in intimate waxing or learn how to be a pro with the hot wax? Then check out the latest dates for our Beauty and Business Courses in 2022 here.