Why I decided to create The Moo Wax Range

I have always thought that professional beauty lines are always so extreme. I mean, why do we need 10 different types of wax, just because they smell different or have different packaging? We have always had to mix two waxes from one brand to get the wax that we want in our salons, and this seemed crazy to me. So, in 2019 I created my own wax product (Hot Moo Wax) that I could be proud of, and so The Moo Wax Range was born.

The Moo Wax Range is suitable for everyone, in every area – male or female.


I have always been a bit rebellious and don’t like to necessarily conform. I can’t help but be inquisitive, I think it’s always been in me. I have always asked a million questions to try and figures out the why’s to everything. I am super nosey and once I get into something, I want to know everything about it. So, starting my own product line was a huge eye opener.

…the best possible blend of essential oils that would really enhance the waxing service by healing the skin and even have antibacterial properties.

For instance, the product I had always used as a pre-wax oil, that I thought was a brilliant product, turned out to be majorly synthetic. I was horrified that I had sprayed that onto ladies’ intimate areas thinking it was a great product. The reason I found this out was because I was having huge problems trying to get an oil to spray. I ordered every type of spray on the market and nothing worked other than an olive oil dispenser. I couldn’t understand why the oil I have always used, sprayed perfectly well, then none of my samples did. So the inquisitive me thought about the ingredients and there I saw it – Isopropyl Myristate as the main ingredient. This is a synthetic oil, and although there is nothing wrong with this, it wasn’t the natural product I was led to believe. No wonder my bloody sprays didn’t work with my all-natural oil that I was trying!

Now when it comes to pre and post wax products, the same thing applies. The majority of the products that I have used in the past have been full of artificial fragrance and in tonnes of plastic bottles, with hardly any ingredients that I could even understand. Then there are separate products for professional use and retail offering, so I was adamant I wanted to change this. Surely that would be better for salons financially, and I have always done whatever it takes to keep my stock levels to a bare minimum as it’s just cash sat there doing nothing for no good reason.

So, instead of worrying about what everyone else was doing, I decided that I would create a small, versatile range of products that I wanted to use, and wanted to be used on me. I wanted them to be as natural as possible, and to definitely include a signature blend of essential oils.

I worked with the most awesome Aromatherapist (Sian O’Flynn; huge thank you) and she helped me find the best possible blend of essential oils that are safe to be used intimately, safe for preggo clients, and actually have the properties I was looking for, that would really enhance the waxing service by healing the skin, soothing redness or irritation and even have antibacterial properties.

Once the blend was created, I then went about creating products that we really need. Products that were really multi-functional. That’s the beauty of creating what you want, I don’t have to commit to buying huge starter packages with tonnes of products that do the same as each other.

I wanted something to cleanse the skin before waxing, but that was also gentle enough to be used as a facial toner or make up remover (Moo Calm). Then the same for an after wax lotion (Moo Soothe). I wanted to use it as a hand or foot lotion in my pedicures and offer it as an awesome every day body lotion that brings a bit of luxury with the essential oils. And not forgetting, of course, my natural, non-synthetic pre-wax oil (Moo Care) that has found itself to be pretty wonderful in our mani-pedi treatments and retails in our salons as a gorgeous-smelling moisturising oil for dryer skin.

And hey presto, we have a very simple range of 3 products that to date have over 15 different uses between them – how cool it that! They smell bloody gorgeous too which really helps!

Oh, and I ditched the spray top in the end. I decided that a natural product was way more important to me than being able to spray the product on, and unless I used the olive oil dispenser, which is a great option for those who love using a spray for pre wax oil, but I could definitely do without it.

So there, you have it! This is how The Moo Wax Range came about and why it’s so flippin important to us to share the origin with you!

If eco-conscious, natural, cost-effective products are important to you and your clients, then why not give The Moo Wax Range a try today? Have a browse in our PRODUCTS tab and let us know what you think.

We can’t wait to have you join the herd!