Hey Mooeys Fans! Today’s spotlight is on the fabulous Gemma Osborne, owner of Peachy Waxing in St Neots and our regional trainer for Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. Gemma isn’t just a trainer; she’s a waxing virtuoso and a guiding light in the Mooeys Masters training programmes.

Waxing: More Than Just a Service, It’s an Art: In her own business, Gemma has honed waxing down to a fine art. Her specialisation in waxing is not just about providing a service; it’s about delivering an experience of comfort, precision, and excellence. Her expertise in this field is unparalleled, making her a true asset to Mooeys Professional.

Gemma’s Partnership with Mooeys: We struck gold when Gemma decided to partner with us. Her endorsement of Mooeys products, having used them for over a year before joining as a trainer, speaks volumes about her belief in quality and effectiveness. As a Mooeys Masters trainer, Gemma brings her rich industry experience and deep knowledge to our training.

A Trainer with a Heart: Gemma’s kindness shines through in her training sessions. She genuinely cares about her students, always ensuring they feel supported and confident. Her approachability means students never hesitate to reach out with their queries or concerns, especially when it comes to the intricacies of waxing.

Sharing Knowledge with Passion: As a successful waxer, Gemma’s passion lies in sharing her wealth of knowledge with others. Her enthusiasm for teaching and helping others excel in the art of waxing is both inspiring and infectious. She’s not just teaching techniques; she’s empowering future experts in the field.

Mooeys Professional’s Proud Representative: In Gemma, Mooeys Professional has found an exemplar of excellence. Her mastery of waxing, combined with her kindness, compassion, and professionalism, makes her the perfect ambassador for what we stand for. She’s more than a trainer; she’s a role model for aspiring beauty professionals.

A Salute to Gemma’s Excellence: Gemma Osborne’s journey with us is a celebration of skill, dedication, and heartfelt teaching. Gemma, here’s to you – for being an incredible part of the Mooeys family, for elevating the standards of beauty training, and for spreading the Mooeys magic far and wide.

Stay tuned as we continue to celebrate the amazing talents and stories of the people who make Mooeys Professional truly special! 🌟💖🐄

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