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2 Hours – FREE

Brand Discovery Workshop

This workshop is for those who want to learn more about our product range and using Hot Wax, especially on eyebrows.

The Discovery Workshop Structure:

  • Brief refresher on hygiene and contraindications
  • Understanding the benefits of using hot wax
  • Full product knowledge of our range, including ingredients and their benefits, and an opportunity to try, feel and smell them all.
  • Eyebrow applicaton using our products

#stopthestrip is our campaign to encourage therapists to stop using strip wax on the face, so to support his, we want to help you know more about using our product range.

The Online version of this workshop is coming soon, but for those who wish to touch, smell and feel the products – this one is for you!

This is an intro workshop to the Mooeys Professional range, how to get the best out of our products and understanding what’s in them that makes them so great!
And it’s FREE so what are you waiting for – let’s get you signed up!

Join the heard



You must have a waxing qualification, or be in college studying beauty in order for you to attend this training

Supporting Women



None, as long as you have your qualification, or are currently in college, then we can show you everything you need to know about our products.

Supporting Women


To Wear

We aren’t fussy or particular, and care more about the attitude you turn up with than the clothes you wear.

What to expect

During and after training

Our session will run for 2 hours.

The workshop will be fun, and is all about learning everything you need to know about our waxing range and how to get the best out of it. We will cover all of the Essential oils that are found in our signature blend, and the reasons why we chose them, how to apply and remove the wax to get the best results, and of course a little bit of a health and safety refresher as you can never go over this subject too much!

If you are an avid note taker, then feel free to bring a notepad or laptop/iPad etc.

You will be carrying out some facial waxing on each other, so be prepared to be waxed. It is really important to know how the hot wax feels on the face to offer the best treatment possible on your clients.

Mooeys Professional has a group on Facebook and we really encourage you to join it, as it is the best way to keep up to date with things, but it is also a place for therapists to support each other.

If you have any concerns, worries or further questions, you can always get in touch with us and we will help wherever we can.

This Brand Discovery workshop is held in our training centre in Haslemere, Surrey. It is above our Mooeys, Haslemere salon and can hold up to 6 students at a time.

There is plenty of parking in Haslemere, all within a 7-10 minute walk away, and the train station is approx. 10 minutes away – so all nice and easy to get too.

Our Online version will be launching in December, so keep your eyes peeled on our socials for more info.

Sound good?

Let’s get you signed up!

If you are looking to learn about HOW to use Hot Wax on Face and other areas of the body, then you will need to book onto the Hot wax Conversion day. This workshop only covers produt knowledge and eye brow application.

Hot Wax Master
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