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#Connection is Key!

Mooeys Masters Business Master Training – Chapter 1

#Connection with people – You, your team and your customer!

You have probably gathered by now that we aren’t a corporate company..not in any way!
We are truly passionate about helping people become exceptional within their role as a leader. So Amy has put together this awesome training programme to help you on that journey.

It isn’t easy, but it will be fun. We have a lot to cover in a short space of time, so come prepared to learn – lots! Below is just a few of the topics that you will cover in this awesome 2 day course.

DAY 1 – Connection with yourself and your team

This day is all about you as a manager, other management styles and working on finding the best that suits you. Connection with yourself as a leader, connection with your team and how to get the best out of them.
We will be going through the entire staff journey from recruitment and how to do it, to how to understand various staff members and deal with them individually. You will learn how to support the ever crucial mums in your business, and learn how to earn respect.

DAY 2 – Connection with your Client/Customer

This day is all about just that! Understand who they are, understanding your whole customer journey and figuring out what needs to be improved or worked on.What are your core values as a business, have you got a mission statement together? How to you deal with complaints or negative feedback, and the ever important service experience and what it looks like.

Phew – it’s a lot right.
This is for those who feel that they need some support in management, or are just starting out in their management role. You can do this chapter alone and come back to chapter 2 at another time, or you can do them both together and experience a full intense, management programme over 4 days – it is completely up to you.

If you book both chapters together, you will get a pretty hefty discount of £199 (These don’t need to be done after each other, but both courses have to be booked and paid for to get this awesome discount)

Don’t hesitate to give us a shout if you have any questions. Now what are you waiting for? Get Involved and invest in yourself!

This course is for anyone who is either starting out on their management career, or wants to learn more about various aspects of most critical role within a business.

Join the heard



Absolutely nothing…nada, zilch.

Supporting Women



Experience within the trade you are going to be managing will definitely help, however isn’t compulsory.

Supporting Women



We aren’t fussy or particular, and care more about the attitude you turn up with than the clothes you wear. Come with an open mind, a passion for what you are doing, and be ready to learn.

What to expect

What to wear

Our days will run from 9.00am – 5pm with half an hour for lunch.

The days will be fun, but there will be a lot to take in. You will have workbooks; however, it is always worth bringing a notepad, or iPad etc. for any additional note taking. You will need a laptop WITH excel for Chapter 2 of our Business Training.

Lunch is provided for you in the form of a Waitrose Gift card. We figure you can then buy whatever you want, and get some fresh air at the same time – win win!

We aren’t fussy or particular, and care more about the attitude you turn up with than the clothes you wear. Come with an open mind, a passion for what you are doing, and be ready to learn.

If you aren’t on Clubhouse yet – what are you waiting for? You can follow Amy in there (amy_mooeys) and join in on various Business Chat that goes on throughout the world. This really is an incredible space for Entrepreneurs and Business leaders to be involved.

The usual Linked in sites are always helpful, however, If you have any concerns, worries or further questions, you can always get in touch with us and we will help wherever we can.

Sound good?

Let’s get you signed up!

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If you are booking both chapters together, they can either be done one after another, or in completely separate months – whatever works best for you. But both courses have to be booked and paid for at the same time to get this awesome discount.

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